binding the back

Trim heel
First step in preparing the back for the bindings is to trim the heel.  This is how it starts out.

Trim heel
Trim the end of the back as well as shape the heel of the neck with a chisel.

Heel trimmed
Done, ready to start routing.

Route back
First pass with the Dremel binding tool.

Scrape away glue
Scrape the glue off.

Route back
Second pass with the Dremel binding tool.

Hand chisel work
Some parts can't be reached by the Dremel tool and have to be cleaned out by hand with a sharp chisel.  This is mostly in the sharp bends in the drop part of the teardrop shape.

Large heat pipe
Heat up the large bending pipe.

Bend bindings
Bending the binding.

Heat pipe
Now heat up the small bending pipe.

Small bend of bindings
and bend the front part of the binding around the pipe.

Apply glue
Apply glue to the mandolin body.

Rubber bands
Bindings in place and secured with rubber bands.

Scrape bindings
Once the glue is dry the bindings can be scraped level with the mandolin sides.  If all went well, there will be no gaps.  Now we can prepare the fingerboard.