Glue the top

Internal mould
Before the top is glued on there is a little preparation to be done.  The sides are already bent and glued to the headblock and tailblock.   However, most wood has a memory, and will try and straighten out a bit.  When this happens the shape of the ribs can go a bit odd, sometimes asymmetrical.  To ensure the correct shape I have an internal mould shown in this picture.

Fit internal mould
Here the internal mould is in place.

Nail into head block
Firstly a small nail is hammered into the headblock

Nail into tailblock
and tailblock.

Cut the nail
Then the nail is cut so it is only about 3mm long.  This is to ensure than when the top is glued on it stays in place and does not slip on the glue and wander around.

Dry fit the top
The top is then dry fitted so the nails poke little holes in the underside of the top.  Thus when the top is glued, the holes will ensure the top is positioned correctly.

Apply glue
Glue applied to the linings.

All clamped up.  This is left to dry for 24hrs and then the clamps are removed.

Next the linings for the back are glued in place.

Glue the linings
Here they are all clamped in place with clothes pegs.  The clothes pegs will be removed after the glue has dried and then it will be ready for the riser block and neck.