Wood is the most important material making up a musical instrument, so here are a few samples.

Here is some of my wood.  Most of the hardwood is racked up here.  There is Blackwood, Myrtle, Walnut, various maples and King Billy Pine as well.

Queensland Maple
A pretty wild piece of Queensland Maple (thanks Rob).

A piece of highly figured Tasmanian Myrtle.

European Maple
Flamed European Maple.

Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple.

Flamed Rock Maple
Flamed Rock Maple

Quilted Maple
Quilted Big Leaf Maple slab.

Spruce and Maple wedges
Spruce (Red Spruce) and Maple (European) wedges.

Abalone strips and dots, bone and mother of pearl nuts.

Carbon fibre
Carbon fibre rods for neck re-inforcement.

Glues.  From left, hide glue, Triton Premium Woodworking Adhesive (used for bindings), Luthiers Mercantile Luthiers glue, epoxy, super glue, original Titebond, and Titebond II.  I used to use Titebond, but have switched to the LMI Luthiers glue because it dries rock hard and creeps less than Titebond.

Spirit varnish materials
Materials for spirit varnish.  Seedlac, Sadarac, Gum Mastic and Lavender spike oil.

Varanish and stain
Varnish, stains, clear pore filler, and pure Tung oil.

Varnish table
This is my varnishing table.  Various Shellac and spirit varnish mixtures, plus various other materials used for french polishing.