Dudenbostel mandolin build

In 2001 a mandolin was built by Lynn Dudenbostel for Chris Thile and one for Gary Hedricks . The building process was documented and the pictures and comments made available via the now defunct PhotoPoint web site. The quality and quantity of these pictures made them a superb resource for makers.
The original web site went off line but fortunately I made a copy.  This resource should be available to all aspiring mandolin builders so here it is with a permanent home, and with the permission of Lynn Dudenbostel himself.  Unfortunately for legal reasons some of the pictures have had to be removed.

Page 1 Preparing the wood, Jointing the plates, Shaping the plates, Cutting the blocks, bending the sides, Cutting the pearl, Using the mould. Pictures 1 to 13
Page 2 Fitting linings, Corner caps, hollowing the plates, cutting the dovetail, gluing on the back. Pictures 14 to 28
Page 3 Plate thicknessing, F hole cutting. Pictures 29 to 36
Page 4 Tone Bars. Pictures 37 to 45
Page 5 Virzi fitting, scroll carving, binding. Pictures 46 to 55
Page 6 Routing the binding channel, fitting the binding. Pictures 56 to 69
Page 7 More binding. Pictures 70 to 79
Page 8 Neck and Fingerboard. Pictures 80 to 93
Page 9 Shaping the Neck and fitting to body. Pictures 94 to 106
Page 10 Shaping, binding and inlaying the peghead. Pictures 107 to 119
Page 11 Neck finishing, Fingerboard fitting and staining the instrument. Pictures 120 to 133
Page 12 Sealing the color, varnishing, Pickguard and fretting. Pictures 134 to 141
Page 13 Nut, pegs, tailpiece and finished pictures. Pictures 142 to 154

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