Guitar for sale

Classical Guitar #233 $3000  **SOLD**

New classical guitar, traditional sound.  Body is made in the Houser tradition.  Neck has double action truss rod so a small amount of relief has been made and a lower action is possible for improved playability.  Woods are traditional for traditional classical guirtar sound..   European Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides and  African Mahogany neck, Indian Rosewood bridge and Maple bindings.

This guitar is a seriously good classical guitar.  I like it a lot, and classical guitar players have liked it very much as well.  Every classical guitar I have compared it to has had it's behind well kicked.

I am not a guitar player, and especially not a classical guitar player, but this will give a rough idea of what it sounds like.

Thanks very much to Mileyna Cifali, here is a lovely performance on this guitar.  Unlike me, she can play.


Front detail