Mandolin for sale

Flattop Mandolin #181  $1600 (includes case)

This is an interesting mandolin because it contains a wood species I have never used before in a mandolin - Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata).  I have always wanted to try it because it is actually a type of mahogany so should work well either as a top or back and sides.  It is a very light and soft wood, so this mandolin is really light weight.  Sound is remarkably good, one of the best sounding flattop mandolins I have made.  Clean, clear, and sweet and with a nice warm sounding bass, and huge ring and sustain.  It is probably the loudest and most responsive mandolin I have made.  I really like it, it is a real fun instrument to play.  Good sound, responsiveness and volume is somewhat addictive!

Woods are -Kng Billy Pine top, Australian Red Cedar back and sides, African mahogany neck,  Fiddleback Blackwood bindings, NSW Ironwood fingerboard (12in radius, 30mm wide at the nut).  Rubner tuners with teflon bearings, ebony Brekke flattop bridge.  Comes with a case.

Listen to it - A B C


Front closeup


Back closeup