Mandolin for sale

Pancake mandolin #229  $1300 (includes case)


This mandolin is based on the Gibson Army Navy mandolin that were made by Gibson from 1918 to 1922, but it has natural wood colours rather than brown.  It does have a few modern improvements such as carbon fibre in the neck and an adjustable Brekke bridge as well as a bit more bracing and the top is bound.  This is a lovely sounding mandolin, way better than the original I restored.  Sweet, warm and very even across the strings and up the neck.

Woods are Red Spruce top, Tasmanian Myrtle back and sides and neck, Indian Rosewood bindings.  Rubner tuners and cloud tailpiece.  Comes with a case.

Note - These mandolins are build light so strictly light strings only.

Sound clips coming soon.


Front closeup


Back closeup