Mandolin for sale

Classical Flattop Special Mandolin #272  $2400 (includes case) **SOLD**

This mandolin is the second Classical Flattop mandolin I have made with Red Gum back and sides.  There is something special about Red Gum in flattop mandolins.  The first was exceptionaly nice and this second one is just as good, maybe even better.  The sound is very similar to the first.  It is a Special not because the wood is rare or expensive, but becasue of the sound, and it comes with upgraded tuners and a TKL case (made in Canada).. I have had this mandolin for a few months, and have been enjoying it so much it has not been listed here until now.

This mandolin belongs to my second generation of flattop mandolins.  It incorporates a construction technique I discovered a while ago that incorporates some technology used in flattop guitars.  It makes the flattop mandolins sound much cleaner.  A true high end refined tone usually only associated with arch top mandolins, not flattops.  This one is very evenly balanced, with a strong ring and sustain and excellent clarity in the mids and treble.

Woods are - Red Spruce top, River Red Gum back and sides, Fiji Mahogany neck, Indian Rosewood bindings, Macassar Ebony fingerboard (12in radius, 30mm wide at the nut), 13 & 3/4 inch scale length, Rubner black nickel luxury tuners with Ebony knobs and ebony adjustable Brekke flattop bridge.  Varnish finish.  Price includes a TKL case.

For my American customers, note that this mandolin does not have any shell inlay.  The fingerboard marker dots are opal, and the headstock logo is European Maple wood.  There is no need for a USA import permit and wildlife paperwork nor any Lacey act paperwork.

Listen to it - A B C D E  with Thomastic strings A B C D


Front closeup


Back closeup