Mandolin for sale

Classical Flattop Mandolin #300  $2700 (includes case)

This mandolin is a major milestone for me, #300.  It is made from Red Spruce (Adirondack Spruce) and Jarrah.  I love Jarrah in flattop mandolins.  With a Red Spruce top they seem to have the best of both worlds.  Great tone and good dynamic range.  This mandolin is one of my third generation of flattop mandolins.  It incorporates eveything from the 2nd generation (i.e. guitar construction techniques), but are braced like a traditional classical guitar.  So it has 7 fan braces, two with carbon fiber reinforcement.  This makes the top about 10% lighter which gives more volume and quite a significant improvement in tone.  As #300,  thought I would do something special, so it has a new headstock design, something that has been so successful it will be featured on most of my future mandolins.  This madolin has sound quality equivalant to my arch top mandolins, just a bit different.  Gorgeous sound.

Woods are - Red Spruce top, figured Jarrah back and sides, Jarrah neck, Indian Rosewood bindings, Macassar Ebony fingerboard (12in radius, 30mm wide at the nut), 13 & 3/4 inch scale length, Schaller GrandTune black nickel tuners with Ebony knobs and Ebony adjustable Brekke flat top bridge.  It has my new tailpiece with black Ebony cover.  Varnish finish.  Price includes a case.

Note:  This mandolin cannot have an internal pickup installed becasue of the way it is braced..

For my American customers, note that this mandolin does not have any shell inlay.  The fingerboard marker dots are opal, and the headstock inlay is European Maple, Blackwood, and Huon Pine wood.  There is no need for a USA import permit and wildlife paperwork nor any Lacey act paperwork.

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Front closeup



Back closeup