Mandolin for sale

New Pancake Mandolin #303  $1700 (includes case)  **SOLD**

This mandolin is a Pancake mandolin with natural colouring and is bound top and back. It is a 3rd generation Pancake amndoliin and is very responsive, loud and with a great clear and clean sound with a big ring and sustain.  Way nicer than the original Gibsons.

My second generation of flattop mandolins incorporates innovatioins from the guitar world as described in the Gore/Gilet design book.  They are braced similar to a classical  guitar and use the "dead back" technique where most of the sound comes from the top.  This gives a much improved cleaner sound.  The third generation incorporates all the innovations of the 2nd generation plus a new way of bracing the top that makes it lighter and stiffer.  The result is a louder and more responsive instrument with improved tone.  I have played celtic tunes with this mandolins in a session and it works exceedingly well.

Woods are - Engelmann Speuce top, Queensland Walnut back, sides and neck. Tasmanian Blackwood bindings, Macassar Ebony fingerboard (12in radius, 29mm wide at the nut), 13 & 7/8 inch scale length, Ebony adjustable Brekke bridge.  Tuners are Rubner polished brass with ebony knobs.

Note: This mandolin cannot have an internal pickup installed because of hte way it is braced.

For my American customers, note that this mandolin does not have any shell inlay.  The fingerboard marker dots are white opal, and the headstock logo is European Maple wood.  There is no need for a USA import permit and wildlife paperwork and no need for Lacey Act paperwork.

Listen to it - A B C D


Front closeup

Side view


Back closeup