Tenor Guitar


Features of the guitar:

Standard Mandolin
Goldfinch Mandolin
A5 Mandolin
Classical Mandolin
F5 Mandolin
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  • Steel string Tenor Guitar, 4 strings tuned in fifths.  Option of (1) 23in scale length and neck joins at 14th fret, or (2) 21in scale length and neck joins at 12th fret.  Also option of a larger body size (23" only).
  • Bolt on neck join
  • Gotoh tuning machines
  • Nut width 33mm
  • Choice of Red Spruce , European Spruce or King Billy Pine top.  Other woods may be possible depending on availability
  • Choice of Indian Rosewood, Mahogany (limited availability), Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Blackheart Sassafras, or Tasmanian Myrtle back and sides.  Other woods may be possible depending on availability.
  • African Mahogany or Queensland Maple neck.
  • Ebony fingerboard standard, but other woods (e.g. Gidgee) may be available
  • Blackwood bridge
  • Choice of wooden rosette
  • Varnish finish
  • McIntyre feather pickup installed as standard (an external preamp is required)
  • Presto case included as standard

Tenor guitars are hard to find, good tenor guitars are even harder.  These tenor guitars are more than just good, they are outstanding.  You won't find anything better anywhere.

Wood choice: The possibilities are endless.  Mahogany is the traditional choice for Tenor guitars, with many vintage instruments made entirely from Mahogany.  I don't offer all Mahogany Tenor guitars because I can't get Mahogany in good enough quality or volume for tops.  Mahogany is listed on CITES Appendix II so cannot be imported into Australia, but I do have a limited amount of  old Mahogany available for back and sides.  Tasmanian Myrtle or Tasmanian Black Heart Sassafras are excellent substitutes, and in many respects are a better choice.  Myrtle makes a beautiful sweet, warm sounding tenor guitar.