A5 Mandolin


Features of the A5 model:

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A5 Mandolin
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A5 made from Carpathian Spruce and European Maple

Listen to Martin Reese play his A5

Listen to Ray Gardaya play a brand new A5

Listen to me play Ray's new A5

Listen to Quentin play some Bach


If you are lucky I may have a mandolin for sale available immediately.

  • A shape, F sound holes
  • Preferred timbers for this model are Red Spruce top Tasmanian Myrtle or European Maple back and sides, or European Spruce top. Particularly good results have been obtained with Carpathian Spruce (a variety of European Spruce) and European Maple.
  • Hardshell case is included
  • Ebony fingerboard with abalone dots, radiused to 12"
  • Neck width at the nut 28mm (30mm available as an option)
  • Wooden tuning knobs (Ebony, Gidgee or Ironwood)
  • Wooden bindings and pick guard
  • Modified Brekke bridge
  • Engraved James tailpiece
  • Loud, crisp and clear but sweet sounding with slightly less emphasis in the bass than oval sound hole mandolins..  Excellent projection.
  • A Coombe A5 is not a bright, aggressive sounding bluegrass cannon.  It is designed to be a very good general purpose mandolin, with some of the sweetness, warmth and sustain of the oval hole models, but with an F hole sound, and with the typical characteristics of an F hole mandolin - i.e. foreword projection, large headroom and deep rich throaty tone.  It is structurally completely different from the oval hole mandolins.  Different body, different arching and graduations, different bracing and longer neck, a true F sound hole mandolin.  The result has been improved tone and responsiveness which is up there with the very best of the F sound hole mandolins. 

Many options are available.  Each instrument is tailored to each individual customer.  Email me for more information.