Instruments for sale

Available immediately

After battling for many years with a waiting list of 2-3 years I have been working full time on eliminating the all too long backlog.  If you wish to order an instrument, deposits are $500 (non refundable) in Australian dollars, per instrument.  Current waiting times for a custom instrument is around 6 months.

I am keen to have a some instruments that are available immediately off the shelf.  Right now I have a good selection of instruments available immediately except for archtop mandolins which have sold out.  There may be a few instruments available that are not listed above.  Contact me for details.
Note that all instruments listed below are new unless stated otherwise.

There may be an instrument recently finished that is not yet listed here.  Contact me for details.

Currently available instruments

Note that prices are ex transport and are in Australian dollars

New Classical Flattop mandolin #246 $1900 AUD
Classical flattop
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New Octave Mandolin #244 $2500 AUD  SOLD
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New classical guitar #233 $3000 AUD
Classical guitar
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New Goldfinch Mandola #232 $4500 (includes a special custom made case)  SOLD
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Custom model mandolin #240 $3700  SOLD
Mandolin #240
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Tenor guitar #236 $2700  SOLD
Tenor guitar
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Kimble A5 mandolin #69  $5000.AUD  From my collection.  SOLD
Kimble mandolin
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New Pancake mandolin #229 $1300 AUD (includes case)
Mandolin #229
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New pancake mandolin #226 AUD $1200 (includes case)
Mandolin #226
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New flatttop mandolin (Blackwood) #199 AUD $1600 (includes case)
Mandolin #199
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New Flattop mandolin #181 AUD $1600 (includes case)
Mandolin #181
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New OM Guitar #172 Blackwood $3500 (includes case)
Guitar #172
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New OM Guitar. #135 Reduced to $2000 (includes case)
Guitar #135
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