Here are some links to my suppliers, colleagues and other interesting links

Mandolin Cafe

Premier Internet site for all things mandolin.

Official Luthiers Forum

Premier international forum for Luthiers.  Mostly guitar related.

 ANZ Luthiers Forum

Forum for Australian and New Zealand Luthiers

Australian Association of Music Instrument Makers (AAMIM)

 Magpie Music

Our local music shop in Bega.


Lowell Lavinger (Banana) is a dealer in vintage instruments who has sold some of my mandolins on consignment for me in the U.S.A. whenever I have one available.  Unfortunately the cost of transport, as well as the paperwork and costs associated with the USA Lacey act has ended this for the time being.


Schertler are makers of what I think are the best sounding mandolin pickup in the world.  Expensive, but as close to a microphone sound you are likely to get.  Made in Switzerland.

McIntyre pickups

Excellent sounding pickups for acoustic instruments.  I use their feather pickup in all my guitars.

Gillian Alcock

Gillian is my great friend and colleague for more than 30 years.  Some of the finest sounding hammered dulcimers in the world have been made by Gillian in Canberra.   Sadly Gillian passed away in November 2018.  She battled MS for many years.

 Doug Eaton & Dale Jacobson

Doug and Dale are friends and colleagues of mine from Queensland.  We have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years.  Doug makes guitars, mandolas, mandolins, etc.

 Steven Gilchrist

Steven Gilchrist is the maker of some of the finest mandolins ever made.  Here are a couple of pictures of a mandolin I had made by Gilchrist.

 Graham McDonald

Graham is a stringed instrument maker from Canberra.

John Buckham

John is a maker of fine hand made guitars.

 Lawrence Smith

Lawrence is a maker of fine guitars and mandolins.

 Terry McGee

Terry is a maker of wooden flutes.

Peter Hyde

Peter is the maker of my button accordions.  I have a 2 row in G/C and a new 3 row in Acc/D/G.  Beautiful instruments that sound as good as they look.  Peter lives in Adelaide.

Bruce Lemmin

Bruce is a harp maker from Canberra.

Jack Spira

Jack is an old friend way back from when I first started making mandolins in 1994.

Craig Szabadics

Guitar maker from Canberra

 Tasmanian Tonewoods

Supplier of native woods from Tasmania.  Specializes in supplying the Luthier market. Bob exports Tasmanian timbers all over the world.

Distinctive Timbers

Another supplier of native woods from Tasmania.  They have had some of the most stunning colours of figured Blackwood I have ever laid eyes upon.  Also the go to source for Tiger Myrtle.  They have an ebay store so you can buy on line and see pictures of the wood before purchasing.

 Allied Lutherie

Supplier of all manner of guitar woods.

 Northwest Timbers

Lewis Judy from Northwest Timbers, Oregan U.S.A. has some of the best looking U.S.A. Walnut and Maple I have ever seen.  I visited in October 1999 and gasped at the timber he has in his shed when I wandered in.  I left with a very much depleted credit card, but some beautiful mandolins will emerge from this timber.

 Orcas Island Tonewoods

Bruce Harvie from Orcas Islan Tonewoods supplies me with Spruce topwood.  Bruce's Spruce has found its way into some of my best sounding mandolins.  I love Bruce's wood, he sure knows how to process tonewood.

 Randy Allen

Randy Allen supplies me with blank and pre-slotted Ebony fingerboards.  Randy has a great fingerboard slotting service.

Old World Tonewoods

John Preston from Old World Tonewood has some killer sounding Carpathian Spruce (a variety of European Spruce) and figured European Maple.

 Hayzee's guide to folk instrument makers

A list of manufacturers and makers of a wide range of musical instruments.

Southern Ukulele Store

For anyone interested in ukeleles
Guitar vs Ukulele
How to transfer guitar skill to the ukulele

How to learn guitar, for beginners
How to play guitar, for learners
How to get better at playing guitar

Chippindall Toy Poodles

All about our dogs.  Go to the links page for many links to all things doggy